Belong to You (Cole #1) by Vi Keeland

My honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be, a tropical paradise, turquoise water, romantic walks on the beach, and loads and loads of mind shattering sex. The only thing missing was the groom. After seven years of coasting through a relationship with Michael, my senses were numb. A week of passion with a stranger was just what I needed to clear my head and take back control of my life. But how do you move on when the man that was only supposed to be a fling somehow seeps into your soul and steals your heart?

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This book I happen to come across and as sad as this is… the reason I actually read it was because of the male goodness on the cover 😀 (That right there, is reason enough for me lol) So… I liked the book. It’s about a 3 hour read if you are pretty fast. Maybe 4-ish hours if you are an average speed reader, so it’s not massively long… so… considering the plot, the actual tale and the few issues I have with this book, it’s not a waste of serious time. It’s still a good book but it’s not an amazing book. – I think what I’m trying to say is that if you have 3 – 4 hours spare… go for it. But expect mildly OK. What I didn’t like: The plot for one. This was yet another case of a big deal made out of something I didn’t really find such a big deal. Furthermore the ‘big deal’ didn’t really scare Sydney away nor did it make much of any change in their relationship… so I found her reaction & my reaction – down There… But the drama surrounding the ‘big deal’ – Up There… (if that makes sense.) In short, Sydney and I had similar reactions of… Oh okay… but Jack made it seem as if it’s the end of everything and I was honestly expecting more of a knock to the system. #Fail Again I want to stress that it’s not a bad book. It’s really fun and kept me entertained.

“Set 2 is vanilla, it might be the better one for you to take your friend on her tour.”God I hated that woman. She needed to get her fucking hands off of Jack and stop speaking about me as if I wasn’t standing right there. I didn’t want to come across as a jealous crazy person, but I couldn’t let her get away with it. “Since we had vanilla at home this morning, why don’t we try Set 1 honey?”
Jack’s eyebrows shot up, then I saw a glimmer of a smirk. He looked proud of my response. Before Jack could respond, the door to Set 1 opened and a man walked out.

Sydney meets Jack while she’s on her ‘honeymoon’… basically it’s not all that it seems when I say that, but I’m not going to spoil it. Just know, she’s not cheating or anything lol. Once they meet, they have insta-attraction. You know… the electric jolt when they touch – Yes, that actually makes it appearance in this book. I would have loved more drama or more hesitance between the two. They easily moved into a relationship of sorts. She was easy, he was always wanting her… you get what I’m saying. There was no tug-of-war – it simply just flowed into a relationship. Anyway, I did enjoy the book because it was an easy read. It was soft on my emotions and sometimes that’s good since I was certain that the books I’d been reading prior to this one where causing me to develop an ulcer… haha. What I didn’t like? Was the way it ended. The reason for this is because this book was pretty much fluff reading and then it just ends. Oh Yes there’s going to be another book but… I don’t really know why. I felt as if this story could have just concluded with Belong To You. There is no need in my mind for another one. Why you ask? Because – if there wasn’t much to tell in the first place, why the hell would there be anything to tell in a sequel? I didn’t love the character chemistry. They didn’t bind together for all eternity in my mind. When I think of Jack and Syd, I don’t really see them working out in the end and honestly I couldn’t care less if they didn’t. I also couldn’t help but reflect back to Twilight and Bared to You. There were parts in this book that made those thoughts pop up in my head. I wasn’t so much as that they were similar. It was just phrases, words and mannerisms that really made me think of Bella & Edward and then Ava & Gideon. Now I can’t say that those books were the inspiration for Belong To You, (because I honestly don’t know) but I’m betting the author has read them and probably didn’t even realize that she was capturing those characters and aspects of those books in this one. It felt almost Fan-Fic – if you can get what I’m saying. Sydney is a singer… and I already figured that from the second page that she’s good at singing and she loves to sing… But just in case I forgot… I was reminded a handful of times during the book. I also got that she was inexperienced from the first chapter. But again, yip… I was reminded again and again, just in case it slipped my mind. And yes, I got that Jack was a typical bossy alpha male… I didn’t need constant reminder in every chapter…. Argh! Those are just some things that freaked me a little while I read Belong To You. But… if you are under the weather, lying in bed with nothing else but time on your hands… then I’d recommend Belong To You. It will keep you busy, but it won’t raise your temperature so you can be rest assured that your already weak body won’t be working itself up while you read this… (unless you get annoyed easy that is) Rating: 3 Stars

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