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You can browse the available packages we have to offer author’s and publishers. To make a booking or and enquiry, you can make use of the contact form specifically for Book Tours & Promotions.
If you just need reviews for your book without wanting to go through the process of a book tour, then this is the right package for you.

Review Requests is an affordable option that allows bloggers who actually want to read your book – to request your book for review and post these reviews in their own time. So there’s no pressure for you as the author and no time-frame pressure on the blogger. Allowing them to allocate ample time to give your book a good read. The links will be forwarded to you once the bloggers send them through and this process doesn’t have a short-term shelf-life. Your book will remain available for review for a period of 6 months.

If this is a package you think you’d prefer – then please contact us. This package can be purchased at anytime and doesn’t need any advanced booking. We currently have over 500 bloggers viewing visiting our listing page on a regular basis.

If you are interested in listing your title – you can email us for details and bookings
* You can see our current list of available titles here

• No Blog Limits • One Day Only • Includes Social Media Promotion • 4 – 10 Days booking notice

Cover Reveals are only for covers that have not yet been released or posted anywhere on the web. If a cover is revealed before the booked cover reveal date, you will be charged either for a full book promotion or your reveal may be canceled.

If you would like to book your cover reveal with us, you can do so by contacting us here.

Social Splash is a Book Announcement for sales, new releases or just promotion via Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter Only. 

• One Day Promotion • Unlimited Bloggers • Includes specifically designed graphic 

• 4 – 6 Days booking notice • Promotional Info & Sales link included.

If you would like to book a Social Splash Promotion – You can do so by contacting us here. 

3 Day Promotion of your book • Unlimited Bloggers • Posted On Blogs & Facebook and Announced via Twitter & Goodreads • Promotional Posts Only • Includes Sales Links, Author Info & Additional Book Details (ie. Excerpt, Q&A, Book Playlist ect) • 15 – 20 Days Booking Notice • Giveaways Encouraged.

Book Promo’s are promotional tours that offer your book information to be posted across unlimited blogs. This can be done for new releases, sequel releases, sales announcements, re-releases and general promotion of your title.

If you would like to book a Book Promo – You can do so by contacting us here.

Includes both promotional posts & review posts of your book • Unlimited Blogs • Social Media Exposure included • Runs for 14 Days • Giveaways encouraged • Includes Sales Links, Author Info & Additional Book Details (ie. Excerpt, Q&A, Book Playlist ect) • 30 Day Booking Notice.

Blog Tours

are promotional and review tours that offer bloggers the choice of either reviewing your book as part of the tour or simply posting a promotional post of your book. Blog Numbers are unlimited, however according to the average rate you would get no less than 10 promotional posts and 20 review posts. In many cases these numbers are greater – depending on your booking time-frame. Tours booked well in advance receive higher numbers than tours book at shorter notice. We also offer shorter tours if you don’t wish to run a 14 day tour. Please contact us regarding that option.

If you would like to book a Blog Tour – You can do so by contacting us here.