How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Written in her wonderfully honest, edgy, passionate and often hilarious voice, Tiffanie DeBartolo tells the story of Eliza Caelum, a young music journalist, and Paul Hudson, a talented songwriter and lead singer of the band Bananafish. Eliza’s reverence for rock is equaled only by Paul’s, and the two fall wildly in love. When Bananafish is signed by a big corporate label, and Paul is on his way to becoming a major rock star, Eliza must make a heartbreaking decision that leads to Paul’s sudden disappearance and a surprise knock-your-socks-off ending.



“There are things we never tell anyone. We want to but we can’t. So we write them down. Or we paint them. Or we sing about them. It’s our only option. To remember. To attempt to discover the truth. Sometimes we do it to stay alive. These things, they live inside of us. They are the secrets we stash in our pockets and the weapons we carry like guns across our backs. And in the end we have to decide for ourselves when these things are worth fighting for, and when it’s time to throw in the towel. Sometimes a person has to die in order to live. Deep down, I know you know this. You just can’t seem to do anything about it. I guess it’s a sad fact of life that some of us move on and some of us inevitably stay behind. Only in this case I’m not sure which one of us is doing which. You were right about one thing though. It’s not fate. It’s a choice. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again someday, somewhere up above all the noise. Until then, when you think of me, try and remember the good stuff. Try and remember the love.”

Kingda Ka

… That’s what this book was for me. The tallest roller coaster ride I have ever willingly accepted to participate in. I actually had a painful knot in my stomach when I finished the book and I ended up cursing the good reviews that this book received for enticing me into reading it. But even through the high climbs and the fast, headfirst dives… I enjoyed the book… I didn’t see it coming and although when I reached the first nose dive I was so pained… I wanted to stop reading, I was such an emotional wreck that I really wanted to just throw the towel in and howl at the moon. But I made a cup of coffee, picked it up again and just kept reading and reading until the end.

How To Kill A Rock Star did two things for me…

First It was a tale I normally didn’t read. I love to read for leisure and fantasy… toe curling romance and a permanent smile on my face, sappy love. This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever read. It gave me love and romance (in a weird, not your average true love kind of way). It gave me heartache and anger and it was so captivating and honest.. I’m still suffering from the after effects.

Second It was so emotional that I also hated it at times. I wanted to stop… but I couldn’t. I was so angry… but I had to continue reading so that I just knew what was going on.

In other words… this book and I have a solid Love / Hate relationship. I love it but I hate it. The writing style was very different to what I usually read as well. It was interesting and pleasantly unusual… I really enjoyed the way things were told and how they came across. Thumbs up to Tiffanie DeBartolo for allowing this book to come across as Raw as it needed to be to relay the story. The characters were another first for me. They were normal and everyday. Refreshing for a change. Paul is never described as having the face of a god… He’s just Paul… and when you read the book you end up loving him simply for the man he is and not for his appearance described in the book. Eliza is someone you can paint your own picture for. There is little information about what she looks like and thinking about it now as I write this review, I realize I never even noticed it. My mind conjured up the image of her based on the personality traits and small fragments put in the book summing her up. I didn’t even notice what color her hair was or what her eyes looked like (even when they mention how she looks at someone) and you know what… I don’t even care. That’s how amazing the story was that you don’t need that information to love any of the characters. If you enjoyed Beautiful Disaster… then I would maybe say you’d like this one. It’s by no means the same book, don’t ever say I said that… because it’s not. But if you liked BD for the same reason’s I did… Travis…. (not the hot, sexy fighter version of him, but the fall to your knees deeply and soulfully in love version of him) then you may be doing yourself a favor to pick this one up.

Rating: 5 Stars!

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