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– > Adult Romance (Mild Erotica, Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian)

– > New Adult Romance (Erotic, Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian)

– >Erotic Romance (Contemporary, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy)

– > Young Adult Romance (Suspense, Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy, Dystopian) – Take Note that although I do offer YA Romance Reviews on my blog, I’m more likely to lean towards New Adult, Adult & Erotic Romance books.

– if your book fit’s into any of the above… I’m your girl!

Please Note – I am a christian, but I don’t like books that would be considered safe to read in church… I enjoy books that bring out emotions while I’m reading. I don’t like innocent couples who are not considered ‘real’. By this I mean that I’m being realistic when I say that few people don’t swear. Few breathing adults don’t participate in sexual exploration or sexual acts. If I’m reading YA, I expect it, so I know what I’m in for – this is the exception to the rule. However, if it’s new adult (18 – 19+) and up… if it’s to goody-goody, I get bored. And the moment I get bored with a book I simply move on to another.


Again, I only read romance books. If a book does not contain a guy and a girl falling in love somewhere in it… I don’t want to read it ~ Sorry. If it’s a book you would label [ whatever genre with a little romance in it ] ~ No. If Romance is not the main theme in your book, I’m not interested. Nothing personal, it’s just not my cup of tea. .. I also have other exceptions even if it has a romance in it. • Historical Fiction (Romance or not, I don’t care… I don’t like books set in yonder years) • Same Sex Couples Romance Books (Nothing personal… if you knew my bff you would know I don’t care… but I’m a girl and I like my boys) • Mystery • Thrillers • Autobiographies • Non-Fiction • Sci-Fi (Romance or not, I don’t care… I don’t like weird spacy stuff)


One thing I’ve never ever been and that’s fake. In fact I simply despise fake and plastic personalities. I absolutely try my utter best to avoid those who come across as brown-noser’s and that’s honestly someone I’ll never be. It’s probably an extremely arrogant attitude to carry around, but it works for me. I never want to come across as a hater of any kind so if you read any of my reviews and feel that that’s how I’ve come across… I wont apologize, but I will understand if you feel that way and trust you will accept that it is not my intention to be a hater. In fact all I really can contribute to that is to say “don’t read my reviews”. I’m not the only book reviewer out there and I don’t plan to dominate the book review world and becoming the be all and end all of book reviewers. Every reviewer is different and blogs in their own voice. If you and I don’t gel well, you will most certainly find one out there that works wonders for you and who will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Quite frankly there’s no pretending with me and I know that it comes across at times in my book reviews. If I can work around being to harsh, I’ll most definitely try to take that route, but honestly I don’t have a solid mouth filter when it comes to my immediate thoughts concerning anything. I love to read and thoroughly appreciate it when my time is spent reading great books, but it’s not always the case and when that happens, I’ll let you know about it. There is no point in praising a book when I didn’t feel that it held up to my standards and as a book reviewer, it would be ridiculous to pretend or try to sell you something that’s rubbish. What’s the point in that? What’s the point in reading book reviews to make a decision on selecting your next book if the blogger is going to tell you every single time that it was a good book? Yip it’s pointless. A waste of time. I understand that every reader is completely different. We may love some of the same books and then suddenly come across one we disagree on and that’s perfectly fine by me. Now what you will get from my reviews are the facts on how I really felt while I read the book. I wont lie or fake it. If I laughed, you will know. If I cried, you will know. If I gagged, you will know.


I will happily take on your books to read and review. (If they fit into my genre choice categories) If you are overly sensitive as to what someone might say about your book then I suggest you find another reviewer. If you want someone to tell you the truth about how they felt about your books, then Welcome… you’ve come to the right place. I have a pretty big line up at the moment with book ARC’s and of course I won’t neglect the books I actually want to read for myself, so please accept that I will try to fit your book into my calendar, but it will unfortunately have to be according to my time table. It would be appreciated that if you request your book to be reviewed, that you offer some sort of reward. I enjoy to have giveaways on my blog so that’s what I’ll always request from you. It doesn’t have to be huge, but nothing in life is free and since authors make money from their books, reviews sell more books, spreading awareness, so it’s only fitting that the reviewer receive some sort of consolation for taking the time to read your books. And in my case I like to have giveaways. Thanks – Laurynne


Rating System:

5 Stars – Of course it’s brilliant and I love it!

4 Stars – I really enjoyed the book and I’m happy I read it 3 Stars – It was touch and go for a while but it worked out in the end 2 Stars – Not really the book for me 1 Star – Nope. Didn’t like it at all / I couldn’t finish it… it hurt too much.

Half stars are awarded where necessary. I always indicate the reason why there was a half star given.

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