Until the End (Sea Breeze #9) by Abbi Glines

The backstory that fans have been clamoring for—how Rock and Trisha fell in love—is the final installment in the Sea Breeze series from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines. And don’t miss the sizzling Epilogue, where Abbi wraps up all the Sea Breeze couples’ stories! Trisha Corbin always knew how to hide a bruise. With her momma’s boyfriends unable to keep their hands off of her, she had no choice. And as long as it meant the guys wouldn’t go near her little brother, Krit, it was worth it. But her days of dreaming that Prince Charming would ever come rescue her are far, far in the past. Rock Taylor always had a plan. Through football, he would rise above the life he was born into. A full ride to play for a major college team was within his reach—assuming he didn’t let anything get in his way. But scoring a date with the hottest girl in Sea Breeze was proving harder than expected. Trisha Corbin was every man’s walking fantasy, and she wouldn’t even glance his way. When Rock finally does get Trisha in his truck, it isn’t for a date. It’s because he picks her up on the side of the road, beaten and bruised and walking to the local hospital. Before Rock knows it, football is no longer his life. Trisha Corbin is. And he’ll do anything to save her. And keep her. In addition to Rock and Trisha’s love story, this special novel contains the wrap-up stories of all your favorite Sea Breeze couples: Sadie and Jax, Marcus and Low, Cage and Eva, Preston and Amanda, Jess and Jason, Krit and Blythe, and Dewayne and Sienna.

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He looked at me a moment longer than necessary, but I wouldn’t meet his gaze. I was afraid my feelings were all over my face, and I needed to figure this out and protect that. Rock wasn’t asking for something more with me. He wanted to be friends and I had said yes. I needed to respect that.

Theres nothing more satisfying for any book lover than to read a book that (when it ends) feels complete. Where you close the book on your reader and smile because you’ve come full circle, you’ve had all your questions answered, you feel at peace and you get to lay your head down tonight knowing that all is well in the lives and world of the characters you’ve just read about. And when you don’t have that sense of completion, you get angsty and briefly consider spamming the author because you feel cheated. The best part is that most book characters don’t even live around long enough. 1 to 3 books and that’s it. But when the characters are ones you adore… it’s even harder to separate from them when you’ve been following their lives since 2011. With the Sea Breeze series, it felt as if I grew up with this lot. Each character grew so perfectly over the years and with each new addition to the crew… I couldn’t help but just love them even more. Abbi Glines has always been one author who’s books I’ll read without needing to be convinced to do so. I don’t need to read reviews, I don’t have to check the ratings… If it’s written by Abbi Glines, just give it to me… I’ll read it. And more often than not I read it from the moment it’s released. Yes, the Sea Breeze series had it’s ups and downs. Not all 9 books are perfect. Each plot and characters have their own spice to add. I’ve not always loved each of the books in this series enough to rate them 5 stars. It’s not possible to love every character nor can we always understand each one’s life story. But… as far as my reviews and rating for this entire series is concerned… 7 5* ratings out of 9 books… not bad at all if you look at the bigger picture. That means that out of the 9 books Abbi Glines wrote for this series, 7 of them I adored. Only 2 failed to capture me entirely but were by no means failures. It’s just that I didn’t connect. And the fact that the first two books in this series were in fact the two I gave lesser ratings to, could be put do to the fact that Abbi Glines was still finding her footing with these characters. It’s entirely possible.

Until the End is the ’rounding off’ novel for the entire Sea Breeze cast. This book is split up nicely into different sections and each couple get’s their own HEA.

Abbi continues to knock us off our feet with the perfect epilogue. I adore the fact that it seems we are going to get a spin-off ladies! And one I’m sure you’ve not seen coming! I’ve loved Rock and Trisha from the start. They’ve been consistent characters in all 9 books. I’m sad that they didn’t get a full novel dedicated to them, but I’m entirely happy with what I received. It’s more that I ever asked for. Having their backstory only makes me want to reread this entire series and take more notice of them during each book. I didn’t realize that their lives weren’t always so blissfully happy. In fact, I feel as if Trisha had the worse past yet all of the characters in this series. And she’s always been one of the sweetest.

Until The End promises to make your heart race and your palms sweet! It’s sweet and spicy (with a dash of burn)… It’s what you’ve come to expect from the infamous Abbi Glines.

Rating: 5 Stars!

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