Wreck Me (Wrecked #1) by J.L. Mac

Life can be cruel. People can be ruthless and evil. The world can be cold and uninviting. No one knows these things better than Josephine Geroux. By her own definition, she is a twenty-five year old “nobody with nothing,” and she is content to stay that way. Growing up an orphan has made her tough and indifferent to the people around her until she meets a strangely familiar man with a face that haunts her for reasons she can’t understand. Despite the pain that will inevitably ensue, she makes it her mission to discover what parts of her tragic puzzle she is missing. On her journey to discovering why the she feels an alarming connection to an absolute stranger, her greatest fear is reawakening the demons and darkness from the past that will surely overtake her if she lets her guard down. Little does Josephine know that the past should be the least of her worries. She is toying with a man who has already broken her heart once. She just doesn’t realize it. Although she makes it a point to avoid interactions with others, Josephine’s life becomes entangled with the enigmatic stranger. Before she realizes it, she has given herself over to the one person who is close enough to wreck her.

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I’ve had Wreck Me on my kindle for some time now. And the truth is I only read it now, because I needed to do an ARC review for book #2 in the Wrecked series, Restore Me – It’s shameful and I’m so embarrassed to tell you that, but I’m an honest person and that’s me being honest. It’s not that I had no interest in reading this series, I wouldn’t have agreed to read Restore Me if I had no intention of ever reading Wreck Me… it’s just that it ended up being pushed back for some time now… and it just shouldn’t ever have been. I FREAKING L♥VED THIS BOOK! (✿◠‿◠) I laughed… (multicolored car lol) often, sighed with longing for my very own Damon and just…well…just… It was so good. 5✭! I adore Jo’s sarcastically dry humor. I loved that Jo was a little rough around the edges, I’m a major Jo fan! She’s fun, feisty and also somewhat innocently cute. (Jimmy Shoo – lol)

Here’s a few pointers about Wreck Me:

• It’s an insta-attraction. Insta-Addiction… Inta-My-World-Revolves-Around-You…. It takes about 3 days from the moment they meet before Damon and Jo are officially a couple. • Damon knows her about (I think) 4 days before he buys her a ridiculously HUGE gift and also a whole cupboard full of clothes. • That same day (day 4) he’s offering to pay her utility bills. No… I stand corrected, he actually insists. • Same day… he starts calling her “his woman” • Day two or three – he’s calling her baby. (Now I love that word. I love being called Baby. But I know some of you don’t and I get that. And because I do, I’ll mention that it get’s used a lot in this book. Iloved it – but like I said, many don’t. So just a heads-up) • He buys her a puppy and they refer to themselves as the puppies mommy and daddy –> Day 4 Ect. Ect. And so on… I think you get the idea of what I meant when I said INSTA… It’s Insta-Everything-Under-The-Sun! Buuuuuuttttt…… I don’t mind. I loved every single moment of the book. Even through everything happened in super-human speed. I still ate it all up and would do it all over again! I’m so, so, so happy that I actually have the sequel right now. I think this review would have been a little less chirpier if I didn’t and I’d probably be swearing at J.L. Mac if I wasn’t able to just open Restore Me and continue reading… because… it doesn’t end on a pretty note. There’s a major cliffer! But hey… it’s only 4 more days (April 30th) and then you can buy it! So get reading because J.L. Mac completely hook, line and sink-erd me.

Rating: 5 Stars!

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